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Reader Approved Outdoor Blog Posts: 3/2012

Submitted by on April 2, 2012

How about a round of Outdoor Blog Posts that have been submitted by happy readers….

My Top Ten Land Stewardship Quotes: Reader Note ~ My Dad put together his list of top ten best land stewardship quotes (this is his website, not mine) and it really showed how people from throughout history (not just the last decade) have thought this to be important. Very inspirational.

On Being a Writer: Reader Note ~ Erin is a true jewel of a writer. This post is beautiful. She has a future in the writen word to be sure. Thoughtful content written with the sparce grace of poetry. I cannot urge you enough to read anything on her blog.

Crow Messengers: Get Back : Reader Note ~ Along with his other posts, just good writing.

Chef Gordon Ramsay in Vermont? : Reader Note ~  Hilariously funny as only Quill Gordon can do.

An Update On Illinois Department of Natural Resources Budget Cuts: Reader Note ~ I initially planned to submit Ken G’s post “A Walk In The Park…” but before I could get to that on my to do list, he posted a campanion piece which does include the link to above post. – Ken has a common sense solution to the current Illinois DNR budget crisis which he explains skillfully in this post I am submitting . I guess his could be a two for submission.

Psyched About Fly Tying: Reader Note ~ As a new fly tier, this story made me so happy to know that this newfound hobby of mine is something that I can actually find excitement in after many years of doing it. It gave me the fuel I needed to dive in even deeper!

Saving the Tongass: “America’s Salmon Forest”: Reader Note ~ The Tongass National Forest in Alaska hosts some of last, greatest wild salmon runs in the world. And yet the areas faces threats from logging, mining, privitization efforts, and other forms of development. Trout Unlimited has launched a new campaign to protect the highest value salmon and trout watersheds in the Tongass. This blog post explains the Tongass 77 campaign and asks anglers to join the effort. It’s about protecting America’s salmon forest in Southeast Alaska.

New Gear, for Fishing Guides Only! : Reader Note ~ The Wit of “Quill Gordon” is so rare in the blogging world that I’m amazed he hasn’t been snapped up by every book publisher in America by now.

Spawn Week 5: Reader Note: This shows warm water fisherman an up close view of bass habits, and how they attack their prey. Also, this fish has unusual black lips.

Hike Your Hike: Reader Note ~ Nice family oriented record of hiking in NJ and around the northeast.

Note: If you have found one of your blog posts listed above, you should know that one of your readers enjoyed it very much and wanted to share it with others. If you’d like, you can grab the badge in this post for your site/blog post. Well done to you!!

Readers, remember, if you come across an Outdoor Post that you have enjoyed, feel free to share it on the OBN by adding it to the Reader Submitted Blog Posts form (located bottom of this page, middle footer).

~ We call that good blogging karma ~

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