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Add Your Blog to Our Top 500 Bloggers to Follow on Twitter List

Did you make’s Top 500 Bloggers to Follow on Twitter List? We’re always expanding our list and are shooting for the Top 1,000 Bloggers to Follow on Twitter List, so if you didn’t make it be sure to sign ...


One stop shopping - coupons are the best way save when shopping online. Browse through thousands of Coupons for all your favorite brands, from all your favorite stores.

10 Common Mistakes In WordPress - Are you aware of WordPress common mistakes? Read how to get rid of WordPress 10 mistakes. Follow these tips to make your WordPress website best for industry and search engines.

Diligencesoft – SEO Company Noida - Diligencesoft is India's top SEO Company, based in Delhi NCR. Established in 2013, we are a complete Internet and SEO Marketing company provider that consults and implements your complete web promotion strategy.

Android Set Top Box – AVOV Technologies

Android Set Top Box allows you to stream your favorite films, TV shows, and sports directly to your TV! This AVOV Android Box will change your everyday living room in to the ultimate media gateway without paying for any dues ...

642 Men, Women and Children Massacred. The Oradour-sur-Glane Tragedy - This June marks the 70th anniversary of perhaps the most horrific massacres of the 2nd World War. In one day 642 men, women and children were massacred by the German Waffen-SS in the village of Oradour-sur-Glane. Today the village ...

Breaking News Ukraine: The Gunman Strikes fear in Donetsk People’s Republic - Just days after the self proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic was announced by members of the separatist rebellion leadership, one of its most senior leaders “Denis Pushulin” announces that he has handed control of the republic over to the much feared ...

Breaking News Ukraine Crisis: Close to the point of no return - n a chilling reminder of the 1990s Croatian conflict, a conflict which destroyed 21–25% of its economy at an estimated cost of US$37 billion to its infrastructure, lost output, and refugee-related costs, not forgetting an estimated 20,000 deaths, the UN ...

Breaking News: Woman Sentenced to Death for Apostasy - Amnesty International has condemned a Sudanese court sentence of death, handed out to a Sudanese woman for “Apostasy” the abandonment of her religious faith, after she married a Christian man. After being sentenced to hang by the judge in ...

Breaking News The Silent Killer Ovarian Cancer - Ovarian cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide. Ovarian cancer also caused the death of approximately 160,000 women worldwide in the year 2010 alone, up from 113,000 in 1990. Just why the death rates has increased so ...

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